Lucinda Page, a Bay Area artist, has been producing jewelry for over 20 years. Lucinda uses mixed metals of pewter, copper and bronze, and various textured, oxidized, etched, and brushed finishes. She ornaments pieces with precious and semi-precious stones, glass, and pearls. She also makes earrings and pendants of cast pewter and 24 karat gold vermeil.

Her organic designs have a timeless, archetypal beauty. While wearing Lucinda’s jewelry, women feel special, vibrant, spiritual, beautiful and luxurious. Women see her work as “different” and “unique”.

Lucinda holds a degree in Psychology and Art with an emphasis in Art Therapy. She has attended sculpture and metal arts classes at Syracuse University, The Museum School in Boston, Boston University, and College of Marin. She has taught Art and has arranged numerous art exhibits and programs.

Lucinda has earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and pins to enhance any woman in any outfit. She sells her jewelry at Justin Herman Plaza in downtown San Francisco most Saturdays and Sundays and several days during the week.